Oikoi | light as material
Pennings foundation
Geldropseweg 63, 5611 SE Eindovhen

From 9 to 12 September 2019 the lighting brand Oikoi attended Furniture China 2019, this year at its twenty-fifth edition; an international event involving companies of the indoor and outdoor furnishing sector. The company presented its first collection of light fittings and their expansion of the range which involves a re-functionalization of the product. The products were inserted into a modular mirror structure that recreates a contract or domestic space in which they interact with the visitors who see themselves reflected in the space. Macro and micro meet in environments where the textures of glass are enhanced by the mirrored surface allowing you to discover the peculiarities of the lamps.

For Milano Design Week 2019, Oikoi presented its first collection of four products in an apartment in via Solferino 11, the heart of Brera. An experience-oriented pathway focused on the transparency of the material through a process of discovery which unfolds room by room. Visitors interacted with the material on a visual and tactile level, exploring the characteristics of printed glass and the potential of its industrial-scale production. The different transparencies of glass and its unique textures created magical scenarios by diffusing the light in an enveloping way.