about us

A new way of designing light through glass.


Oikoi is a new lighting brand created in Milan in 2018 as
the Italian spin-off of a leading Chinese company in the lighting industry for ten years. The name is derived from the Greek term oikos indicating the house and the series of rooms composed by it, focuses its philosophy on the desire to rethink the ways of designing light through glass to transform household and contract spaces
into mesmerising, fluid places in which personalised settings
are created through the versatility of the light sources.


Glass is our hallmark. The processing is achieved by using the industrial printing technique which guarantees quality, perfection in the details and durability. The texture of the glass, visible on the lights, becomes a strong point making them functional and endlessly replicable, offering an alternative to the typical glass blowing method of the Italian artisan tradition. The materials used, glass and metal, are hard-wearing and fully recyclable, with all parts that can be replaced in the event of breakage. The company’s focus on sustainability and the environment is also evident in the decision to use flat packaging to transport the lights.


Two Italian designers cooperate in the creative direction of the brand. They provide the framework for an international and contemporary collaboration, that involves Chinese innovative potential and the excellent quality of Italian design. Motivated by a concern to experiment both at formal and material level, they add to the respective competences a meaningful dialogue. Through a broad and multidisciplinary overview, they identify the strategic potential to develop a consistency between the products and the way in which the brand communicates.